Commercial Air Duct Cleaning, Commercial Air Conditioning Duct Sealing in Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Lake Mary, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Commercial air duct cleaning in OrlandoYour commercial building is your investment.

Keeping the people inside happy and healthy and long-term usability is essential. Don’t let your building get hurt by being labeled as having “sick building syndrome”.

Over time, harmful contaminants such as dust, pollen, mite feces, and dead skin cells can build up in the air duct systems of your office or commercial space. This can be made worse by the climate in the Atlantic Southeast, which allows mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria to grow. The recirculation of the air allows the contaminates to spread throughout the building time and time again. Tenants or residents in the building will start to experience aggravated allergies or respiratory problems they are not encountering elsewhere.

Maintaining indoor air quality through proper duct cleaning not only maintains the health of those in the building, proper functioning air systems reduces energy costs. Preserving indoor air quality is essential in all buildings even if there is no manufacturing or remodeling.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Advertising your regular schedule of duct cleaning is a great way to show both potential and current tenants that you care for your building and the people inside it. Besides the goodwill benefits, duct cleaning also has monetary advantages.

  • Reduction in energy costs by 30%
  • Decrease in costly HVAC maintenance
  • Clean HVAC systems perform more efficiently and lower energy charges
  • You won’t waste money on costly HVAC system repairs since properly maintained mechanical components are longer lasting
  • There will be a decrease in the downtime or sick days of building employees previously affected by indoor air pollution, increasing productivity
  • Tenant retention is higher in buildings with quality indoor air
  • Proper air system maintenance allows tenants to perceive the value of a building
  • Featuring an HD Inspection Camera
  • Coil cleaning system

Commercial AC Duct Sealing

All residents in the Orlando area, including the communities of Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs and Lake Buena Vista, know the necessity of effective air conditioning. However, many commercial spaces are losing out on the AC their unit(s) are already producing. How? Many buildings loose 20-30% of their air through duct leaks.

When tenants on far sides of the building start to complain about the lack of cool air, you’ll know there are leaks that need to be sealed. Additionally, energy bills that are higher than past summers are a good indication that cool air is being lost along the way. Tenants that are uncomfortable and unproductive in their workspace may be incentivized to start looking elsewhere for their business. Also, you are hurting your own bottom line and the long-time value of your investment.

The process for air duct leak repair in your commercial building can be easily started with the use of Duct Dynasty’s HD Inspection Camera. By going through your building’s ducts with a live camera, we can easily see the issues of your duct systems. Your building’s cooling inefficiency may be related to dust and contaminant buildup or may be the result of duct leaks. Either way, we’ll be able to see and diagnose the problem quickly.

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Don’t let your building be the 1 in 4 buildings classified as “sick”.
With 20% of all illnesses caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air, differentiating your commitment to your tenants will make you stand out from your competition.