Commercial Coil Cleaning, Coil Cleaning in Kissimmee, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Every air conditioner works the same – warm air is blown over chilled evaporator coils which absorb the heat and then the cooled air is blown through ducts throughout your commercial space. As you can envision, the coils are integral to the air conditioning process and must be kept in top working order.

While air conditioners are getting more advanced and energy efficient, they are not completely invulnerable. Even the toughest models can fall victim to dirt and grime. While you may be tempted to try cleaning them yourself, this is never recommended and might void your warranty. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Coils are surprisingly delicate and can break easily
  • Dangerous refrigerants are inside the coils and are only allowed to be handled by certified specialists.
  • Potential electrical hazards or damage or other components

What money you think you might be saving by trying to complete a coil cleaning service yourself will be easily be doubled when you need to call for AC repair service. While you may think it is an easy job of wiping or blowing away dust, the fact is the buildup on the coils may be more difficult. Moisture or any small oil contaminants may have built up on the coils. Clearing this grime off will take a tough cleaning solution and special cleaning equipment. Any muscle you put in to clean the coils could easy damage their fragile structure. And, any tough grease-cutting formula you use may hurt the coils functionality.

Commercial coil cleaning before


Commercial coil cleaning after


Damage without Regular Commercial Coil Cleaning Service

A commercial coil cleaning service will bring back the power your AC. But, if you wait too long, some damage may already be done. Once the coils have been comprised by thick buildup, the other units, fans and motors have had to work harder. Here are some of the issues associated with coil buildup:

  • Permanent compressor and coil damage – the unit’s manufacturer is assuming you are performing regular maintenance and dirty or not properly cleaned coils may affect warranties
  • Reduced air flow and decreased efficiency – reduction of cooling efficiency by around 30%
  • Reduced air quality – air flowing over the coils can pick up the clogging contaminants
  • Increased energy consumption – as the motor and other parts need to work harder to overcome the decreased air flow

Residents in Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, Lake Buena Vista, FL can take advantage of Duct Dynasty’s 20+ years of experience and expertise. Call today to get your commercial air conditioner back to its regular efficiency as well as preventing future damage.