Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance for Altamonte Springs, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, Lake Mary, Orlando, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Cooling towers require special cleaning and maintenance plans due to their nature – heavy duty loads, high heat, moisture, outdoor exposure.  Anything that goes wrong could result in work disruption, heavy repair costs or even fines.

The environment of cooling towers is perfect for growth of bacteria including Legionella. With periods of non-use, growth can be accelerated. Many regions now require scheduled bacteria testing after too many outbreaks. OSHA states that all cooling towers should have regular disinfectant services at least twice a year.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

The aspects of cooling tower cleaning include the prevention of bacteria but are not limited to just this process. As they are used so much, cooling tower cleaning entails many different areas and parts that should only be left to experts. Here are some of the items a proper cooling tower cleaning should include.

  • Monthly water treatment – this will depend on the environment of the tower and the use but in Central Florida and surrounding areas of Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, Lake Buena Vista, FL, Duct Dynasty recommends a monthly treatment to disinfect water using biocides.
  • Corrosion inhibitor – just the nature of water, steam and contaminants can play havoc on cooling towers and the different parts that make them function
  • Scale buildup – buildup will differ from region to region but can affect many different parts due to water hardness and contaminants. All components including drains, pipes, nozzles, and connectors should have scale cleaned and checked for corrosion.
  • Mechanical components – all parts should be check for wear. Parts such as motors, belts, gear and fans may need to be cleaned and adjusted. This includes all wiring to ensure both safety and adequate functionality.
  • Sealing – special industrial sealants that can withstand pressure, heat and moisture need to be used to separate water from delicate controls, wiring and metals.

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling towers are essential to many larger buildings such as hospitals, schools or office towers that use the towers as part of their HVAC system. While not as large as industrial cooling towers, they still require cooling tower maintenance plans to keep them in working order.

  • Safety – leaks or airborne bacteria can lead to outbreaks for both your employees, customers and anyone else that enters your business or school. Monthly testing and biocides help mitigate these risks.
  • Functionality and reliability – scale from contaminants or just use can break off and eventually make their way into air conditioning condensers. Besides forcing you HVAC system to work harder, the entire unit may break down.
  • Energy consumption – all that scale and buildup that makes your unit work harder is driving your HVAC system to draw more energy. In order to produce the same amount of cool air as before, the fan, motor, chiller and more will be working harder and longer.

Call Duct Dynasty for an appointment or estimate on adding cooling tower cleaning or cooling tower maintenance to your business’s Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, Lake Buena Vista location today.