HVAC System Cleaning and Decontamination In Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Lake Mary, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Keep your environment safe and efficient.

All HVAC systems require regular HVAC cleaning to keep occupants in a clean and healthy environment. Since one in four buildings is considered a “sick building”, there’s a 25% chance your building is not only missing out on energy efficiency, your HVAC system is causing your tenants respiratory distress. Additionally, the environment of South and Central Florida is optimal for mold and mildew growth along with pollen buildup. The best defense is including HVAC decontamination along with your air duct cleaning.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning and Coil Cleaning

A regularly scheduled air duct cleaning will show your tenants your commitment to a healthy work environment. And, it will also protect you against liability as well as increase the performance of your HVAC system. We always recommend a yearly commercial air duct cleaning to not only clean the ducts but to also inspect your system for leaks, abnormal conditions, and efficiency.

At this time we can also determine if you need HVAC coil cleaning. Up to 30% loss in efficiency comes from dirt and grime on coils. Do not try to clean coils yourself! We cannot stress this enough. Coils are delicate and can be easily damaged from stress and incorrect coil cleaning.    

Besides your annually scheduled duct cleaning, here are some other times HVAC cleaning is needed:

  • Higher energy bills than previous seasons
  • Recent renovations
  • Outside construction activity
  • Older systems
  • Complaints from tenants
  • Irregular or uneven air delivery

Remember, your building is your asset. Long-term tenants are always a goal and providing them with quality heating and cooling through regular HVAC cleaning is a quality investment that will pay for itself.

Commercial duct cleaning service in Lake Mary, FL

HVAC Decontamination

HVAC decontamination is another way to ensure a clean HVAC system. Mold spores are everywhere and even the smallest can hide in cracks and seams. Decontamination is the best way to attack any existing microbiological proliferation. With our cameras, we can detect any large areas of growth. However, due to the size of mold and mildew particles, we recommend adding HVAC decontamination to commercial air duct cleaning, especially here in Florida. If duct systems are located along outside walls, attics or other closed-off areas, they might be subject to hot Florida air which puts the ducts in an ideal spot for microbiological growth. 

Once growth starts, spores can break off and travel throughout your system. A full air conditioning duct cleaning followed by EPA approved products will help sterilize your complete air duct systems including ducts, coils, and HVAC systems.

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Don’t let your building be the 1 in 4 buildings classified as “sick”.
With 20% of all illnesses caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air, differentiating your commitment to your tenants will make you stand out from your competition.