Residential Air Duct Cleaning for Lake Mary, Windermere, Longwood, Celebration, Orlando, Winter Park, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Air duct cleaning is a major part of your family’s overall health.

NADCA dryer vent cleaning in Orlando, FLNo matter how clean your house is kept, daily actions can add to contaminants found throughout your duct system. The food you cook, your cleaning activities, or movements can kick up dust or other particles that will find its way to your duct system.  Season changes can bring in new pollutants and allergens carried in by clothes, shoes or anything else coming into your house.

How do you know if it’s time for a Duct Cleaning?

We always recommend a yearly air duct and vent cleaning because by the time you see symptoms, you are already overdue.
Here are some of the signs your house is ready for a duct cleaning:

  • Family members or visitors start to experience frequent symptoms of colds, sinus problems, congestion, allergies or other respiratory distress. While some of these might be attributed to seasonal environmental allergens, remember these allergens are entering your house and being recirculated while you eat, relax and sleep.
  • The areas around the vents are starting to look dirty or dusty. Many people take care to clean the outside of their vents by vacuuming or wiping them. However, only a professional company can get inside your home’s ducts for a full air duct cleaning

Duct Dynasty truck for dryer vent cleaning in Celebration, FL

How will we clean your home’s Air Ducts?

The short answer is “thoroughly“.

The long answer is explained through the many steps we take:
  1. First, we’ll inspect your air system for proper operation and thoroughly clean and sanitize your air handler unit.
  2. Then, we’ll remove and thoroughly clean all the vent registers.
  3. Next, we’ll clean and deodorize your entire air duct system.
  4. Once we’re done, we’ll reinstall your vent registers and test the system for proper operation.
All of this is done with our fully-equipped trucks.

We’ll make sure to remove all dust and grime without anything blowing back into your house. If needed, we can use our HDTV cameras to check your system in the beginning as well as the air duct cleaning process.

Residential Air Duct Leak Repair

Air Ducts can start to form small cracks over time

Cool air will escape through these cracks greatly decreasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. One of the symptoms of air duct leaks includes inefficient cooling such as some rooms or areas of the house either not being cooled as the rest of the house. Another is higher than historical energy bills. The process for air duct leak repair can be easily started with the use of Duct Dynasty’s HD Inspection Camera. By going through your ducts with a live camera, we can easily see the issues of your duct systems. Your home’s cooling inefficiency may be related to dust and contaminant buildup or may be the result of duct leaks. Either way, we’ll be able to see and diagnose the problem quickly.

If your air conditioner is constantly running yet your house is not cooled down as it used to be, call Duct Dynasty for an appointment. Located in Orlando, we service all surrounding areas including Celebration, Lake Mary, Longwood, Windermere and Winter Park.