Commercial Air Duct Cleaning , HVAC and Cooling Tower Maintenance, Indoor Air Quality Services and Multi-Unit Dryer Vent Cleaning in Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Park, Windermere, Longwood, Lake Mary, Celebration, Lake Buena Vista, FL, and Surrounding Areas

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What sets us apart is our promise for quality service, our professionalism and the commitment to our industry.


Commercial Air Duct Cleaning, Coil Cleaning in Orlando, Kissimmee, FL and Surrounding Areas!

Duct Dynasty is a locally and family-owned company servicing the central Florida area for over 20 years.  Our state-of-the art equipment and technologies provide the most advanced and thorough cleaning for residential and commercial properties.

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Duct dynasty is a
proud NADCA member.

When done correctly, HVAC cleaning is a very beneficial service for your home or business. NADCA’s dedication to quality assurance in the industry helps ensure and promote a higher standard of performance for all of its members.

Duct Dynasty exceeds the strict requirements in order to be a member of NADCA.
  • Multiple NADCA certified air systems cleaning specialist (ASCS) on staff
  • Maintains general liability insurance
  • Agrees to clean according to ACR, the NADCA standards
  • Comply with NADCA’s Code of Ethics
These requirements were established to provide a higher level of assurance to consumers.

Certified Mold Remediation Technicians On Call

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Healthcare HVAC Cleaning and Decontamination

The team at Duct Dynasty understands that proper containment is essential to infection control and maintaining safety while working within a healthcare facility. Every crew member must go into the project with a solid understanding of ICRA to establish and maintain appropriate containment

Our Highly Trained Field Technicians:
  • Understand ICRA Guidelines
  • Have a thorough knowledge of infection control and best practices
  • Know the difference between hospital and regular commercial projects
  • Be aware of hazards unique to healthcare
  • Know the risk level of a work site or activity prior to beginning the project
  • Develop the project
  • Establish a critical path for larger projects
  • Know ICRA best practices (barriers, negative air pressure, disinfection, etc.)

Commercial Duct Cleaning
and Air Quality Services

vent cleaning in Orlando, FL

Sick Building Syndrome

Even the best kept buildings with nightly cleaning services can benefit from an air quality inspection. “Sick Building Syndrome” can happen in any size building, any industry and any amount of traffic. Recirculated air can deliver the same issues of mold and pollen spores, dust and other allergens over and over.

mold spores

This can be made worse by the climate in the Atlantic Southeast and Orlando, which allows mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria to grow. All of this can lead to, or aggravate, allergies and respiratory problems.

commercial duct cleaning

Maintaining indoor air quality not only maintains the health of those in the building, proper functioning air systems reduces energy costs.

Air Duct Cleaning for Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality

duct cleaning in Kissimmee, FL

We offer many services for the hospitality industry besides duct cleaning. Dryer and exhaust vent cleaning, mold remediation, coil cleaning and smoke and soot removal are also part of our services we provide.

vent cleaning

Our licensed and insured technicians can perform many of the services normally done of by multiple companies so you can get everything done at once without the hassle of calling and scheduling a variety of companies. Sometimes during our inspections, we find that a business either has linked problems or has neglected air quality issues that we can improve.

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By taking a complete air quality approach, we can start you on your way to total indoor air quality. To schedule your on-site inspection and estimate, call today for an appointment.

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Whether you’re looking for services for your home, office or other commercial space, your first stop should be with a licensed, insured and certified company. We are part of a larger corporation with an A+ rating from the BBB and a 5-star rating on Google. We promise to deliver the best service from start to finish just like we’ve been doing for over 20 years.

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